Meet the Upper Southeastern Region Area Development Team

Meet the Upper Southeastern Region Area Development Team

About the Team

The Upper Southeastern Region Area Development Team is Office Pride’s largest. Led by Troy Hopkins, the group is dedicated to finding great new franchisees in Central/North Alabama; Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Denver, Colorado, and helping them succeed through coaching and support.

As area development manager, Troy is always looking for ways to grow the Office Pride brand. He actively seeks new franchise candidates while helping current owners succeed and grow. Troy works alongside Brandon Wilson, the market development manager, and Bryan Mayer, the business development manager.           


“Office Pride is different from other franchises in that it is focused on teaching people to be the owner of the business, working ON it rather than IN it,” Troy says. “Office Pride is truly dedicated to helping their franchisees be as happy and as successful as humanly possible.”

  • When someone expresses interest in owning an Office Pride franchise, Brandon walks them through a discovery process to ensure their skills and experience would be a good fit for Office Pride. Next, the team schedules a regional destination day, when the candidate spends a day at the regional office to learn more about the company and meet local owners.
  • The team enjoys working with people with an entrepreneurial spirit from many different backgrounds, including millennials, veterans and people seeking a new career or new challenge.
  • “Office Pride is a great opportunity because there is so much potential,” says Brandon. “Our goal is for the owners to be as successful as they want to be, so we provide ongoing support throughout the life of their franchise agreement.”
  • New franchisees attend Office Pride’s one-week classroom training, then return to launch their business with Bryan’s help. He guides them in setting up an office, forming vendor relationships, filling out paperwork, setting up appointments with potential customers and more.
  • Bryan says new franchisees are excited to learn how many potential customers exist in any community and that commercial cleaning is a “recession-proof” industry. “Every building, large or small, needs to be cleaned, meaning that the customer base is limitless. Even in economic downturns, people are very hesitant to drop their office cleaners.”
  • Once new owners undergo training and are set up for operations, Sarah assists them in obtaining customers by managing targeted email campaigns and overseeing the telemarketing program. Sarah also helps the new owners by promoting brand awareness. She acts as a public relations liaison. If an owner has been involved with a charity, fundraiser, or any other newsworthy activity, Sarah makes sure that information gets to the appropriate outlets.
  • Troy joined the company founded by his brother, Todd, as a franchisee and grew his location to be the largest in the Office Pride system at the time. He added responsibilities as an area developer in 2004, and in 2015, Troy decided to sell his franchise and focus on area development full-time.
  • Troy spent 14 years in leadership positions at Frito-Lay before bringing his knowledge of management, employee motivation and customer service to Office Pride.
  • Troy is a member of the local International Facility Management Association, Building Owners and Managers Association International and the local chamber of commerce. He also belongs to the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). He is one of the few Certified Building Service Executives in the states of Alabama and Tennessee, a designation bestowed by BSCAI to recognize excellence in the building service contracting industry and one that allows him to serve as a key speaker and company trainer at industry conventions.
  • Born and raised in Tennessee, Troy is a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where he met his wife, Patti. They have three daughters.

If you want to learn more, please contact the team.

About Office Pride

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a nationally acclaimed commercial cleaning company with more than 130 franchises. A faith-based business, Office Pride is listed in Franchise Business Review’s Hall of Fame and is ranked among Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 franchises for its exceptional franchisee satisfaction ratings.

Our Values Make Us Different®

Owning an Office Pride Franchise  

Commercial cleaning is a $78 billion industry and growing, and there’s room for YOU! Learn why an Office Pride franchise could be the perfect fit for you. Franchise Business Review™ reports Office Pride as having one of the highest satisfaction rates among ALL franchise systems.


• Industry leader for more than 28 years

• Faith-based franchise

• Low overhead and low risk

• Scalable, grow at your own pace

• Comprehensive franchisee support

• Nationally recognized brand

• Recession-resistant investment

• Viable in any size geographic market

Franchise Facts

The Discovery Process

As your area developers, the Upper Southeastern Region Area Development Team will walk alongside you every step of the way as you determine if owning an Office Pride franchise is the right fit for you. The process helps you identify your vision and goals for business ownership. Troy Hopkins and his team are here to answer any questions you have as you assess this new opportunity for growing your own commercial cleaning business. Click here to call.

Our Values Make Us Different®


The franchise fee is $35,000, which includes both initial training in our training center in Palm Harbor and follow-up training and support in your area. It also includes marketing collateral, comprehensive educational materials for sales, personnel management and operations, initial telemarketing lead development, public relations support, human resources support, your own microsite and more.

Typically, it takes 30 to 90 days to get an Office Pride franchise up and running. However, after you return home from the initial training week, and with the support of your area developer, you should be building your customer base by the end of your first month.

Yes. We are a five-star participant in the IFA’s VetFran program, and we offer a 25 percent discount on our franchise fee to those who have been honorably discharged after service in our nation’s armed forces.

The standard royalty fee is 9 percent of all gross revenue sales collected, plus 1 percent of all gross revenue sales collected for the national ad fund, which goes toward national marketing efforts on your behalf.

Our business model trains you to train others to do the cleaning. Many franchisees will tell you they still do some cleaning on rare occasions – when a worker calls in sick or quits on short notice, for instance – but all of the cleaning should be done by your cleaning personnel.

Office Pride franchisees find a lot of workers through their church, through newspaper and Craigslist ads and referrals from their employees. Our ideal worker might already have a full-time job and be looking for a way to supplement their income, or it could be a student looking to earn while they learn. Many are retirees looking to earn and keep active. Office Pride offers these employees a part-time job with a flexible schedule.

No. While many of our franchisees are Christians, we only require that every franchisee embrace our core values that include treating everyone with respect, operating a business based on Biblical principles and an uncompromising commitment to honesty, integrity and hard work. Office Pride is a business that was founded as a way to help our franchisees while honoring God, and we run our business based on Biblical principles. There is no such thing as a “Christian business,” only businesses that operate on Christian values and principles. We are more interested in the character of our franchisee candidates than in their personal beliefs or faith.

Potential customers are everywhere – in every commercial business. At Office Pride, we train and equip franchisees to make sales calls, market their business locally, submit an effective bid and close a sale. About 80 percent of your competition likely will be “mom-and-pop” cleaning businesses. With an industry customer turnover rate of 35 percent due to inconsistent, unsatisfactory and poor service, it is not too challenging to gain new customers, thanks to our brand reputation and quality service. Industrywide, one in three customers switch cleaning services, but less than 10 percent of Office Pride customers switch, according to BSCAI.

The great thing about a commercial cleaning business is that it is a service that is needed all the time and everywhere – in large cities, suburban markets, small or rural towns. In any economy, employers need their work spaces cleaned for the sake of their employees and customers. That is why commercial cleaning is virtually recession-resistant and grows constantly, with thousands of new commercial businesses opening each year.

We don’t saturate a market or pit franchisees against one another. The fact is, there is enough room in every market, large or small, for everyone. We give franchisees room to sell their own accounts and room to grow their businesses without geographical boundaries of territories. With 77 billion square feet of commercial space in this country, there are plenty of customers to choose from.

The answer to that question is entirely up to you. You can find financials in our FDD – Section 19 here. While the potential is there, only your hard work and effort will determine your actual revenue and income.

We work with you to achieve two short-term goals: First, launch your business and achieve a break-even cash flow that includes an owner’s salary. Second, grow beyond that to achieve your personal equity growth goals. In addition to the $35,000 franchise fee, you will need $21,500 to $72,200 in available liquid capital for startup costs. You should also be prepared with six to nine months’ worth of living expenses. That is an estimate of how long it will take for you to achieve the first goal.

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Our Values Make Us Different™

Our Values Make Us Different®